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IPL technology


IPL technology – Intense Pulse Light is a new method that enables painless and permanent hair removal, with no waste of time. It is important to know that the IPL method is NOT the same as a laser method for hair removal, although it is a method of photo-epilation. The difference between IPL and laser is that the laser is used in monochromatic (single color) beam of light, which has a precise wavelength, while IPL disperse polychromatic (multi-colored) light whose range is from 310 to 1200 nm.

Also they differ in the method of action, the IPL has a therapeutic probe, which provides a much larger surface area unlike the action of the laser. IPL is a technique that is less painful, less expensive and more comfortable than the laser method.

Our modern engine GENIUS IPL for epilation has the ability to wax dark and tanned skin.

It is important to emphasize two main advantages that IPS method offers:

  • The customization of wavelength in accordance with the pigment of the skin, also the customization of pigment and thickness of the hair for each individual client
  • Effective treatment for most of the body color, and all types of hair from the thinnest to the thickest