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DermaPen mnogi svrstavaju u glavne antiage tretmane 21. vijeka. Tretman je vrsta mezoterapije, a sastoji se iz ..

Lipo (Liposuction)

Body: This treatment is suitable for areas with moderate cellulite. Vacuum therapy is a system that separat ..

Fractional (broken) light

Fotodepil & Esthetic Studio will launch this spring a new innovative body treatment effective against sagging ..

Vibrating platform

Exercising on CRAZY FIT vibrating surface includes the whole body and the results can be measured with convent ..

Vacuum therapy

The vacuum therapy stimulates the blood flow, carried out by the suction and favors the elimination of liquids ..


This method encourages the drainage and the flow of lymph fluid trough the lymphatic channels. This method sti ..


The Electrostimulation of muscles in his primary purpose is meant for persons that do not want to do physical ..

Virtual mesotherapy

Virtual Mesotherapy is a revolutionary cosmetic and surgical method by which a high concentration of purified ..

Radio frequency

The treatment called radiofrequency refers to the remodeling and strengthening of all the parts of face and bo ..

Photo rejuvenation

Skin aging is an inevitable process that Nature has imposed. However, the development of technology enabled us ..

Thermal Blanket (Thermo lipolysis)

The thermal blanket is so called “Sweating without effort”. The purpose of the thermal blanket is based on ..

Photo epilation

Today photo epilation is the most efficient and cheapest way of removing unwanted hair. Photo epilation h ..