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We are proud to point out that for our services we use revolutionary technology such as IPL device for epilation and rejuvenation, which today represents a trend. Also we want to emphasize that in our beauty studio we use Lipo & Lift Ultima which is the latest of the technology when it comes to the provision of services for the aesthetics. These devices among other functions give the possibility of radio frequency and vacuum therapy in order to achieve the best possible result.

In its basic function this device allows simple applying of products without needles nor surgery to achieve the desired results, it is a virtual mesotherapy, where the same device offers excellent services of radio frequencies, vacuum therapy, etc ..

We also offer treatments with Presso Therapy, thermal blanket, Electrical stimulation, vibrating plates and so on.
To our clients we want to offer the feeling of importance and satisfaction, and that the usage of our services will make them feel younger, prettier and more satisfied with them and their bodies.

In our beauty studio we offer everything you need for a better look, starting from the classic treatments up to modern treatments, from facial to whole body treatments, rejuvenation, hair removal on all body parts, proven methods of weight loss and elimination of cellulite, detox, and a horror called “orange peel” and many more.

We guarantee to our customers satisfaction for an affordable price. For further information please contact us on 033 932 777 or visit us in “Alta” shopping center.