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The Electrostimulation of muscles in his primary purpose is meant for persons that do not want to do physical activities, people who are losing weight, and also this method is meant for those who want to accelerate the process of tightening muscles and eliminate cellulite.

This is a procedure where with a special machine and a directed stream of low frequency gets the muscle to increase. Also electrostimulation improves the circulation, provides better draining of the tissue and rapidly burns fat. All the previously mentioned effects lead to a reduction in scope and improving the skin tone.

With the help of electrostimulation of muscles following effects may apply:

  • Degradation of fat and cellulite
  • Increasing muscle tone
  • Stimulation of the peripheral microcirculation
  • Rapid tightening of the muscles and the body
  • Removing cellulite and so-called “orange peel”

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