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Photo epilation

Today photo epilation is the most efficient and cheapest way of removing unwanted hair.

Today photo epilation is the most efficient and cheapest way of removing unwanted hair.

  • Photo epilation has quickly become the most modern and the most popular non-invasive treatment in the world of aesthetics
  • Photo epilation is one of the most popular methods of hair removal with light usage

The very process of hair removal involves two basic methods which are intense pulsed light (a method that removes hair by using pulsed high intensity light (IPL) and the well-known methods (laser hair removal). In order to decide which method to use, these are the facts that make them different. The main factor on which are based those differences are that the epilation (IPL) allows treatment that can be applied to almost all types of skin, and also to different colors of hair. Also what many call into question whether or not to do epilation is the intensity of the pain. The IPL method is less painful and certainly more affordable, and offers the long-term results, which is shared with the laser method. The IPL hair removal process consists of placing a wide range of light to longer wavelengths, which can be adjusted to the characteristics of the client needs and that will result in a positive outcome.

It is important to point out that epilation is not recommended for everyone, these categories include:

  • People with skin diseases
  • People who consume photosensitive drugs
  • People with skin cancer
  • Pregnant women and nursing mothers
  • People with mental disorders
  • People who have Photodermatosis
  • People with the disorder of blood clotting

The basic question is how does the hair disappear by this method. The process itself is based on the principle of photothermolysis. This means that the light (photo) is administered and applied to the skin, which is automatically transformed into head that destroys germ cells of hair roots. After the elimination of those cells the hair is falling and dying. Depending on the skin type the duration of the treatment varies.

Studio Fito Depil & Esthetics owns the GENIUS PPL SYSTEM machine from the famous manufacturer Miller Maimann for its treatments, which is the most reliable and the most powerful machine today.

With this machine you can apply a very large amount of energy in a safe and controlled manner, achieving lasting results in a few sessions.

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