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Photo rejuvenation

Skin aging is an inevitable process that Nature has imposed. However, the development of technology enabled us to defy nature and time, all with the method of rejuvenation.

Photo rejuvenation is the latest achievement in the area of rejuvenation of skin and removing wrinkles, all with the help of creating its own collagen. Due to this fact, many of the world’s experts refer to this treatment as the best non-surgical lifting.

With this treatment for rejuvenation skin is deeply revitalized, which gives it better shine, also deep and shallow wrinkles are smoothed which restores the lost muscle tone. To achieve this, the mentioned method will remove dead top layer of the skin, spots, capillary, pores, acne scars and other undesirable changes in the skin. Photo rejuvenation applies pulses of intense light that penetrates the skin without damaging the surface layer.

The main areas of the skin on which this method can be applied are the neck, face, hands, cleavage, but other parts of the body are not excluded if they need improvement. It is important to note that there is no minimum or maximum age for the application of this treatment.

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