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Fractional (broken) light

Fotodepil & Esthetic Studio will launch this spring a new innovative body treatment effective against sagging skin and localized areas of stretch marks. Specialized in high technology aesthetic, Miller Maimann offers its customers to test a system that has recently made a real revolution in the sector and has shown good results in treating the signs of aging by stimulating the natural regeneration of the skin, and the fight against entrenched distention which is a consequence of aging.

The beneficial effect is based upon a fractured pulsed light of high wavelength (690-900 nanometers), which experts Miller Maimann found in the context of the new applications that did not exist on the market so far.The new method is used for aesthetic body treatment in complicated areas, where the fat accumulates, such as the abdomen, inside side under the arms or thighs.

The epidermis is being renewed and the dermis emphasizes the creation of support fibers which provide strength, firmness, improves the synthesis of new collagen and elastin which regenerate the skin, but allows greater absorption of active principles in the following aesthetic treatments. This is a method that can be supplemented with other treatments for the best results, such as radio frequency.

The new system Fractured pulsed light uses a multi-chromatic light, creating micro light rays that penetrate the skin trough impulse and thus Is able to introduce large doses of broken – scattered energy in a gentle and slow way and deeply.

It is a completely painless and safe way of treatment for the patient. Among other benefits it stands out with speed, its effects can be seen already after the first session and requires no anesthesia or recovery.

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