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Pressotherapy in its essence is actually a method of lymphatic drainage

This method encourages the drainage and the flow of lymph fluid trough the lymphatic channels. This method stimulates lymph flow to the venous circulation. This method is applied by a selected program that imitates the work of the hand, foot drainage, butt and stomach.

This way significantly improves blood flow in tissues, eliminates harmful metabolites and significantly reduces the amount of intercellular fluids. This is an excellent treatment of lymphatic edema of various types.

It treats the effects of continuous stress, sedentary, long sitting, improper diet, overweight, poor blood supply to various tissues such as ‘legs, butt and abdomen’, accumulation of waste products from the metabolism, cellulite and swelling of the legs.

With the help of this method the harmful metabolites are eliminated and this method significantly reduces the amount of intercellular fluids.

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