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Radio frequency

Kada je riječ o tretmanu bitno je istaknuti da je sam po sebi vrlo ugodan i bezbolan

The treatment called radiofrequency refers to the remodeling and strengthening of all the parts of face and body. It works on the principle of controlled accumulation of heat deep into the dermis and the pores of face and body, which ultimately leaves a positive effect on the local circulation. It also increases the tone and elasticity of tissue and cellular metabolism which contributes to the structure of the skin.

Because the skin is full of collagen fibers and those are distinguished by characteristics such as strength and relatively poor extensibility, and the fact that they are the most common intercellular substance in the body, this treatment stimulates this segment of the skin. It is a fact that the collagen is wasting over time, which directly affects the texture and skin tone. Radio frequency helps the restoration of the old and construction of new collagen, that’s how the skin becomes tighter, smoother and younger.

The treatment is pleasant and painless. This is a pleasant treatment, non-invasive, with obvious results for all patients no matter age or skin type.

Its main characteristics are:

Face treatments:

  • Reducing the chin
  • Reduction of wrinkles
  • Shaping of the face
  • Narrowing the visible pores and control of the secretion of fat
  • The skin becomes shiny, soft and smooth, with increased elasticity and tension
  • The regeneration of damaged skin structure

Body treatments:

  • Cellulite
  • Surface of fat deposits
  • Deep fat deposits
  • Drainage
  • Fixing the breasts
  • Fixing the extremities
  • Fixing the abdomen
  • Reducing waist
  • Raising the butt
  • The activation of collagen
  • Post-liposuction treatments
  • This method can be combined with the vacuum massage

This “controlled increase” temperature from the inside to the outside prevents excessive heating of the skin surface, and therefore is effective.

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