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Thermal Blanket (Thermo lipolysis)

Provides detoxification and prevents the accumulation of fat in the body

The thermal blanket is so called “Sweating without effort”. The purpose of the thermal blanket is based on infrared rays, which affect peeling pounds and certainly the design of the body. These infrared rays penetrated deep into the skin, muscles, bones and intestines. This method of heating the body affects the acceleration of the circulation, metabolizing cells and E-cell activation. In its application it has additional benefits like reducing inflammation, sterilization, loss of weight and so on.

The following eight facts will show you the effectiveness of this treatment:

  • Accelerates lipolysis, sweating and their excretion
  • Speeds up the metabolism and at the same time eliminates fatigue and improves the absorption of food
  • Removes the pain and inflammation
  • Provides detoxification and prevents the accumulation of fat in the body
  • It activates the body and its functions
  • Improves muscle mass, balances the nervous system, improves lactic acid and liver function, and certainly improves the mood
  • Recovers the organizational functions of the body
  • Improves the immune system and prevents the formation of cancer cells

Until now it was impossible to imagine that weight loss could be achieved in a horizontal position, without any effort. Now it is possible. With the thermal blanket losing weight without any effort, and the results are more than evident.

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