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Virtual mesotherapy

Virtual Mesotherapy is a revolutionary cosmetic and surgical method by which a high concentration of purified active consists is applied in the central part of the skin – without the use of needles.

This is a completely safe treatment that does not cause pain and does not leave breaches, and which gives luminous and long-lasting effect. This method is intended for all those who have a desire to remove wrinkles, lightening hyperpigmentation, to refresh and firm the skin tone of face and body, to reduce cellulite and which is victorious over the aging of skin. Results can be seen immediately the skin is stretched, and bright.

In In the case of virtual mesotherapy for the face it is recommended to do at least 6 treatments, with a maximum of twice per week, or three times per week in case of intensive treatment. The treatments are hydration and firming of the skin. The working surface is the face, neck and chest to achieve a spectacular result.

In our studio we apply a combination of hyaluronic acid, organic silicon and Q10 that allow the skin hydration, increasing the depth of the skin tone and giving a clearer and equal appearance. The skin appears smooth and slows down the appearance of wrinkles.

The goal is to insert cosmetic ingredients in the skin, while rubbing the same ingredients on the skin doesn’t give the desired effect. In fact, during the conventional biological treatments, only 10% of the active substances can reach the deeper layers of the skin. Mesotherapy without needles increases the absorption of the active ingredients from 10% to 90% at a depth of 1 cm, and 65% at a depth of 6 cm.

This provides both quick and visible results on the “long run” and is particularly recommended in the treatment of sagging skin, wrinkles, blemishes, local fat, cellulite and stretch marks. It is recommended to have six treatments in series in order to retain the results.

It is fully compatible and complementary to the other treatments such as radio frequency and facial rejuvenation with pulsed light. The combined use of these techniques significantly improves the results of each treatment.

It is especially suitable for the transdermal application of simple or composite products regardless of its polarity for aesthetic purposes, and those are:

  • The loose skin
  • Tightening of the skin
  • Cellulite
  • Lymph drainage
  • Fixing the tissue
  • The effect of revitalization
  • Regenerative effect

For its process the virtual mesotherapy uses four types of currents, and those are:

  • The active current: this is the preparation phase which stimulates the metabolism of skin itself
  • The Hydronephrosis : this is the initial phase with which the ionized active ingredients enter the epidermis
  • The Electroporation: this enhances the penetration of active ingredients into the cells via the water channels in the cell membrane
  • Cryotherapy: this is the last and final phase which is stimulating tension and firmness of the skin.

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